Free Slotomania coins

Free Slotomania coins

Are you a believer in luck? Are you a person who always stands in front of the slot machines in every casino you happen to come across? Then you would probably love the slot machines online. After all, they do give you the chance to make some money without having to spend the cost of traveling to a casino. Also, with these online slot machines, you don’t have to spend any real money and yet you have the chance to experience the same thrill with these options. Is that not we all want? A way to gamble without losing the money actually!  That is what Slotomania is all about.

What is Slotomania?

In simple words, Slotomania is an app that provides you the thrill of playing the slot machines, without actually taking any real money from you. The latter is probably not true as sometimes we tend to spend from our pockets to get the coins from Slotomania stores. And yet the amount is not as expensive as playing the slots for real hence making this game as one of the most desired games for all.

Now that we have established what Slotomania is all about, let us briefly understand the concept of coins in Slotomania.

Free Slotomania coins

Slotomania coins

The coins in Slotomania do the same as the coins you use for the slot machines. They get you the chance to make a spin or a run on the slot machine. The difference however is that the coins are virtual and you will be playing it on your handheld device. There are multiple levels to play in the game and each level brings across more games and more chances to try your luck on.

Making the slotomania coins is purely dependent on your luck. There is of course a sign in bonus given to every new member so that they can start placing the bets and running the slots. But if you are unable to get lucky in the first few rounds and make some win, then you will be looking for other options to get these coins. One of them is paying up your money from the wallet in the game store for some coins, which many people do, due to their addiction to the game. However, if you are looking for some other ways to make slotomania coins for free, then here are a few ways you can try your hands at.

Making free Slotomania coins

Being one of the most famous apps in the gaming history on luck based gambling games, Slotomania has many followers, some of whom are hard code computer nerds. And thanks to them and some passionate gamers, we have some really interesting cheats or tricks to make free Slotomania coins. Here are some for your easy reference.

Never give up on the bonuses

In order to play the games at Slotomania, the most important aspect you need to remember is to keep yourself loaded with coins. And to do that you should always look out for those bonuses they announce. At the start, when you are a new user, who has just logged in, you will be rewarded with 10000 coins as a welcome bonus by the game. In order to avail this bonus, you only have to download the app and register yourself for the game. The entire process of registration will be completed within a few seconds and you will have an amount of 10000 coins sitting ready in your Slotomania account to try your luck in the variety of games available.

Apart from the above welcome bonus, the game also has a loyalty program which can benefit you highly. These loyalty programs can also help you to make thousands of coins or even millions based on the level you are currently in the game. As you play and as your luck turns in your favor, you will continue to win more and more coins.

The first tip is therefore never to underestimate what bonuses can give you. They are definitely the best place to start with.

Facebook hack for free coins

This is one of the best hacks for Slotomania often used by the veterans of this game to gain the upper hand. This is as simple as getting your welcome bonus but you will be getting twice the amount with this simple trick.

Let us say you have already created an account by downloading the app on your mobile phone and you already have a welcome bonus in your account. Now just logout and sign in through your facebook account and you will be given another welcome bonus of 10000 coins which immediately gets credited to your account. So with this additional step, you have 20000 coins as welcome bonus waiting to be used in the multiple games on Slotomania.

While the above two things will definitely grant you the initial start up, you cannot play only with this and your luck (there is every chance that it might run out!). So what do you do?

This is where you get other ways to make more coins in Slotomania. You need to look for options which will grant you coins on a daily basis. Not to worry, we have answers to that as well!

Use the rewards program

The loyalty rewards program in the game of Slotomania gives you the chance to play more if you play more. Unlike many other games where the initial excitement dies down and you don’t get much rewards, Slotomania rewards the players who continue to play the game. There are multiple levels in the Slotomania rewards program and every player who logs in is automatically taken at the bronze stage where you get 250 coins every day.

From Bronze, you will proceed to Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc. and the final stage is the “Black Diamond” stage where you can easily get unlimited free coins (there is no count available!!!). Even the last but one level called the Royal Diamond can get you 1million coins every day or more. So even if you don’t make it to the last stage, getting to the Royal Diamond alone can get you almost unlimited play.

Now if you are wondering on how to move to these stages, well the answer is pretty simple. You just have to continue playing the games in Slotomania. Yes, the more you play, the more experience you get and with more experience you gain Experience points and with more experience points you move up the levels with ease. For instance, getting 1500 experience points will take you from Bronze to Silver and 4000 points will take you to Gold stage and so on.

Enter the jackpot

That is not the end of ways for you to make the much needed Slotomania coins for free! There are often Jackpot games conducted by Slotomania where you can compete with the players to win a jackpot which will be in the form of Slotomania coins, which is an opportunity to play even more games. And to enter this jackpot, you only have to be part of Slotomania and nothing more! Is that not exciting and simple?

Let us just say you have tried all the above options and you still want to be faster in moving up the levels and you want to play more games than ever. What is your way out to get more coins without actually spending for them? The answer is quite simple, and you will find the same right here.

Use the Slotomania free coins hack for getting coins unlimitedly and play to your heart’s content.

Want to know more on how it works and what you need to do? Read on to find out.

The Slotomania hack for Slotomania free coins

Irrespective of the browser you use for logging into the games in Slotomania, whether you use your app on the Android or Apple store or you are logging through your Facebook, you can easily use this hack tool to get your hands on unlimited free coins from Slotomania. This is an online tool that will exploit the glitch in the game server to get your account credited with the required number of coins as per your desire.

The general perception when it comes to game hack is to make use of mod apk files. However, we assure you that the game hack that we feature here is better than any other mod apk file in the market. Before we get into the features which make this hack the best option for making free coins in Slotomania, let us first tell you what the hack is.

As we have mentioned before, it is not a mod apk file. It is a simple online generator tool which takes the user input, minimal in fact, and gives the users the necessary coin credit for playing continually in Slotomania. It is an online program developed by some of the best programmers in the industry to exploit the game glitch and offer you with unprecedented advantage in the game. It gives you the perfect way to gain more opportunities to turn your luck in your favor.

Moving on to the features of this hack tool, there are quite a few of them to make you speechless. Let us take a look at some here.

  • Unlimited usage of the hack tool at any time and from anywhere. Yes, Slotomania may not be available to all users across the world. But if it is available to you then so is this hack. Irrespective of where you are and when you play and how many times you want to play, you can use this generator.
  • There is no cost involved at all. And additionally you will not be spending more than couple of minutes in this generator either. So you are saving your time, effort and money but getting unlimited coins for free using this hack tool.
  • Using the Slotomania free coins hack is quite easy. Despite the complex programming and the intense coding the hack tool is absolutely user friendly and can be used by anyone who loves to game and who has the basic knowledge to follow onscreen instructions.
  • Completely safe and secure for anyone who wants to use as it uses the best possible encryption and the latest safety standards to keep the information you supply intact and secure. There is no personal information sought from any user at any point during the generator run and hence there is no worry for the compromise of information at any stage either.

And there is much more to look forward to! If you are excited and you want to try the generator for yourself, simply follow the below instructions and enjoy the games in Slotomania without a worry for coins.

If you want to reach the Slotomania hack for free coins, then simply use the link provided in this page to reach the generator. Once you have used the link you will be taken to the generator page post which the steps are pretty simple to follow. Given below are step by step instructions on how to get your hands on free coins in Slotomania.

  • You just have to give the name you use for logging into the Slotomania platform.
  • Choose the platform on which you play the game
  • And input the number of coins that you want to get in your account. There is no limit on how much you can ask for.

That is it! Owing to the fact that there might be robotic intervention targeting to identify and shut down the hack websites there will be a simple step of human verification for you to do. This is again a simple survey that you can complete in no time. Once you have finished these steps and clicked on the button marked as generate you will have the required coins credited to your account instantly.

Use the generator wisely and as many times you want and enjoy unlimited gaming on the tables in Slotomania for free!